borrowed from the Middle French`apposition “note, poster, element added to the base or trunk of a word (originally in Hebrew grammar)”, borrowed from the Latin affÄ”xus, section passed from affÄ”gere “attach (attach), attach” – attach more under the entry of apposition 1 fast, fix, attach, affix means that something remains firmly in place. Buckling involves an action such as fastening, buttons, nailing, locking, or any other fastener. Attaching the reins to a post-fixation usually involves retraction, implantation or integration. Fixed The stack in the ground attachment indicates a connection or union through a link, connection, or bond to hold things together. Add the W-2 shape here and add an imposition of one thing on another by sticking, impressive or nailing. Attach your address name conj here. a conjunction used to combine two different words or phrases. In law, “and” is used to merge two different entities into a single legal obligation. As in a bank account, in wills, in real estate, etc. use and denote the leniency of ALL parties to the transaction and not just one. v. 1) permanently attach something to a property, including planting trees and shrubs, constructing a building or adding to existing improvements. The key is that the attached items are durable and cannot be picked up and moved like a washing machine.

2) sign or seal, for example by affixing a signature or seal. Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed. and The Law Dictionary. borrowed from the Latin affÄ«xus, former partizip de affÄ«gere «attacher (attacher), attacher », de ad- ad- + fÄ”gere «retract, insert» – plus under the fixed input 1 attach or attach, label or impress, as signature, seal, mark. Spring. Code N. Y.